Travel Size Refillable Mini Perfume Spray Bottle

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Portable Travel Size Refillable Perfume Bottle. Convenient to use. 

Simply bring this with you instead of the whole bottle of the perfume. Travel size, easy to carry around in your purse. 

Made with solid aluminium material to ensure quality. Why risk breaking your elegant perfume bottle when you can simply carry this with you.

Specifications: Small volume, easy to carry, beautiful appearance.

Solid,contains no toxic substances,safe and durable.

Perfect for travel, and conveniently fits in your purse. 

Material: Synthetic glass inner container+metal spray

Perfect for storing some of your favorite Perfume in a smaller container without having to take the whole bottle with you.

Specifications: Capacity: 5 ml Size:1.6 x 8.0cm

Net weight: Approx 15g

How to use: 

Press down gently; observe the spray bottle capacity from the window

Note: Before filling the liquid bottle, please open the lid, spray a few times first to discharge the gas inside the bottle before filling it with perfume.

If you do not discharge the gas inside, the liquid will be forced into the liquid, which will cause the bottom of the bottle to leak.