Stainless Steel Jewelry Pros and Cons

Is stainless Steel Jewelry Good or Bad? (Read it Before Buy)

Before we get into the good or the bad, we have to say what stainless steel is. It is a metal compound consisting of iron, carbon, titanium, and chromium.

There are various applications for stainless steel in everyday life, including architecture, aerospace applications, and making surgical and medical tools. In jewelry, stainless steel is ideal because it is resistant to corrosion and the effects of heat.

Another aspect that makes stainless steel popular is that it stands up well to everyday wear and tear. It doesn’t scratch easily and can hold up well to the sun, sand, and the sea.

Stainless steel overall makes a better companion with regards to jewelry as it takes less to maintain it and keep it as good as new.

Stainless steel has typically gotten used for men’s rings. Now couples are finding that it is just as good as metal when it comes to wedding bands. It is durable and does not typically cause allergic reactions.

That is unless it has a metal-like nickel that has allergens for a significant percentage of people in the world. Other jewelry that was typically made out of stainless steel includes earrings and necklaces.

Advantages of stainless steel jewelry(PROS)

Low maintenance: One of the most significant benefits of stainless steel is that it is low maintenance. It is scratch, tarnish, and corrosion-free. It is this incredible durability that makes them ideal for wedding bands to last a lifetime. Even in other forms of jewelry, stainless steel can also withstand everyday rough and tumble and remain shiny. Keeping it as good as new is also incredibly comfortable. You just need warm water, soap, and a soft cloth. ( here I write a post on How to Tell If Stainless Steel Jewelry Is Real? (In a Right Way)).If you are interested, feel free to read.

Adaptable to any occasion: You can wear stainless steel jewelry just about anywhere. It is shiny and can pass as an expensive metal alloy. You can also wear it every day and blend in with any occasion that you choose. Stainless steel jewelry can be used to dress up or dress down, and you’ll still look amazing.

Lightweight and hypoallergenic: The other aspect that makes stainless steel ideal is that its light. That means that it is comfortable to wear for long periods. The other factor is that stainless steel is hypoallergenic, so for those who have sensitive skin, they can get their hands on stainless steel.

Ages well: Stainless steel is scratch and corrosion-resistant and thus ages well. The signs of wear and tear will not show for a very long time. The other fantastic thing about stainless steel is that it doesn’t damage when exposed to water for an extended period.

Low pricing: When it comes to pricing, stainless steel is a lot lower than silver, gold, and platinum. Given how durable it is, you’re getting quite a good deal. It also does look like an expensive metal, thanks to the luster that it has. Overall, it is a very affordable metal.

Environmentally friendly: The other truth about stainless steel that makes it worth purchasing is that it is the most ecologically friendly metal that gets used in jewelry making. When it comes to production, the energy used and waste produced, it is a lot less than other metals in the market. The other plus side is that stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable.

Disadvantages of stainless steel jewelry(CONS)

Maintenance: Even though getting the luster back on stainless steel jewelry is easy, you’ll have to do a lot more re-polishing as compared to other metals. Equally, after years of service, the aging on it begins to show.

Prone to dents: If you don’t care for your stainless steel jewelry and expose your ring to heavy or sharp objects, it will dent over time. Also, being starch-resistant doesn’t count when you expose your jewelry to abrasive surfaces regularly.

Reaction to chlorine: Stainless steel is susceptible to chlorine. If you wish for it not to tarnish when you’re going for a swim, you’ll have to purchase either 304-stainless steel or 316 stainless steel jewelry. Anything else and your jewelry will get corroded.

Few stainless steel wedding bands in the market: stainless steel wedding bands are a relatively new trend. It might take a long time to dethrone the traditional metals used, that is, gold, silver, and platinum. For that reason, you’re not going to get a wide variety when it comes to styles.

Rings resizing: Unless the jeweler has a specialized machine that can accommodate the high melting point of stainless steel, resizing is something you won’t be able to get done.

Nickel allergies: There is some stainless steel that is made out of nickel and thus can cause allergies in some people.

Good> Bad?  

Therefore, when it comes to getting stainless steel, though it has some flaws, the good of it outweighs the bad. The cons of it are easy to mitigate with proper care. If you’ve been planning to purchase stainless steel jewelry, then you’re making an excellent and affordable choice. You’re assured that it’ll give you excellent service for a long time. With even weekly polishes, your jewelry will be looking as good as the day you bought it.

Is stainless steel jewelry a great choice for a gift? 

 This question entirely depends on how much you’re willing to spend. We cannot all afford a budget for purchasing jewelry made of precious metals. The other reality, however, is that even though stainless steel is a metal that gives a person good service, someone who knows their metals well might not entirely appreciate it when you give it to them.

It thus depends on the person you’re going to gift and what the occasion is. It is for your sister or mother for their birthday; they won’t mind that you’ve gotten them something they can wear every day. However, if it is an anniversary or valentine’s gift for your partner, you’re better off saving up for something like silver, white gold, or platinum.

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